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The DOs and DON’Ts of Conversion Rate Optimization (Infographic by SEO Gadget)

June 27th, 2012

The guys over at SEO Gadget in the UK have developed a great guide [infographic] with some of the DOs and DO NOTs of conversion rate optimization (CRO). It shows the good paths and the bad paths of CRO. Here are just some of the tips in the infographic:

  • 1.Don’t test too many things, have a clear hypothesis
  • 2.Attach CrazyEgg or ClickTale on the variations to monitor the difference in click density
    and interaction. If you’re optimising a form ClickTale can be great at showing you the
    difference between the original and test
  • 3.Run a page level survey on the variations and ask the same question and monitor the difference
  • 4.Test your variation in multiple browsers and versions
  • 5.Test your designs across different phone types. Mobile Moxie is a great tool for
    testing across different phone types

Here’s the full infographic:
The SEOGadget guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation - Infographic
A CRO infographic by

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